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Storytelling is an essential skill for any leader navigating times of rapid change, and it requires depth, practice, and humility to master. That is why, for the past 12 years, I have traveled across countries and industries coaching speakers, entrepreneurs and innovators to build their most powerful and purposeful collection of stories. I've given speeches on four continents and have coached executives in tech, food, travel, and sustainability at companies like BMW, Environmental Defense, Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, Virtuoso Travel and Rainforest Action Network.

While the impacts are highly strategic, story always begins with one person facing a challenge that, with time and attention, distills into a gem of wisdom. When shared, this wisdom is both memorable and effective in transforming your audiences. So I help visionaries to more deeply understand this ancient craft of story in a modern context, to gather and apply their life's wisdom to move their audiences towards thoughtful action.  But don't just take my word for it; listen to their stories here.


Interactive Keynotes

Shakespeare said "All the world is a stage," and it's always been true. But now this is taking a new form: your stage may be in the car, at your desk, in the back yard, at the launch of a product, or on the biggest stage upon which you've ever stood.

And authenticity, connection and guidance from leaders has never been more needed. My  interactive training and keynotes frame ideas for both right-brain and left-brain thinkers, weaving cutting-edge brain science, and meaningful, relevant retellable stories, and always includes audience participation. Through this process, I give leaders new tools and techniques to build confidence on this new immersive stage, including tapping their own origins, shaping their impacts, and illuminating their visions as they shape the stories that build meaning, messaging and purpose to transform their audiences.


Six Steps to Memorable, Retellable Stories

Six Steps shows how your crafted insights are your most precious assets in this new era. My interactive keynote take the audience on a journey to discover surprising secrets about storytelling as they learn how their own life experiences can help them better inspire, pitch more effectively, and develop more purposeful leadership. Six Steps reveals:

  1. Why storytelling is so powerful and lasting

  2. The different kinds of storytelling that will transform your leadership and your business

  3. How to apply unforgettable framework that will help shape any story or presentation

  4. How to find the key insights and lessons of your life that illuminate why you care, and help your audiences care as well.

  5. How to use stories to deepen talks, strengthen connection with audiences small and large, and define thought leadership from the inside out

For more information on speaking engagements, contact us here.

"Jay is a skilled presenter who energetically articulates the transformational power of story in branding. Our attendees walked away with a step-by-step understanding of how to craft effective, authentic narratives."

Denver Lewis, Conference Content Manager, Expo East

"Our audience loved Jay's keynote and are still raving about it a year later. A hands on practical experience that is equally enlightening as it is fun. Anytime we could have him back we would want him back!"

David Nihill, Founder, FunnyBizz Conference

The Book

Retellable The Book

"For any leader seeking to be memorable, this is a vital read."
-David Redhill, Global CMO, Deloitte Consulting

I wrote a book called Retellable: How Your Essential Stories Unlock Power and Purpose, that reveals my core philosophies that I've applied with hundreds of leaders. It's  is a study that draws you into the art of transformation and adaptation through this ancient and very modern vehicle of storytelling. Retellable is a fun and edge-pushing work that offers my versatile framework, the Journey Curve, as well as many anecdotes, examples and insights you can use in your writing, speaking, organizational storytelling, and culture change.

While we all know how important stories are, and know a good story when we hear one, we don’t always know how to tell them. Retellable is a book about how you can find and tell yours.


Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 8.13.43 AM.png

Retellable The Journal

Drawn from a decade of story gathering and shaping techniques employed for leaders around the world, the Retellable Story Journal is designed to help you collect your key stories, whether you're assessing a career pivot, evaluating an era of your life, or looking for new ways to create authentic connections with your various audiences.

The journal provides 42 prompts and builds on my universal storytelling framework, the Journey Curve, to help you gather your story collection and see your life's journey in a useful and inspiring manner.

to Services

Storytelling Services

Story Coaching

As a leader, you have a near-constant need for material for a wide array of audiences. I work with visionaries to help translate their most critical insights into memorable, retellable stories for keynotes, pitches or media conversations that guide action.

Training & Speaking

I lead highly interactive and productive storytelling workshops and keynotes that help build communication and story skills for a wide variety of purposes, including leadership, sales, marketing, recruiting, and public speaking. 

Story Crafting

Your biggest stories are often made up of much smaller stories. In order to find your central story, you must first go looking around, and then put them together in a way that your many stakeholders will remember - and will be able to retell.




Please send us a message to inquire about speaking engagements, story services, and more.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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